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TVHC Increases Breast Cancer Screening During Pandemic

TVHC Pushes for Community Literacy and
Promotes Vaccine Education in Kids 

January 27, 2022

During a time of school closures, online learning, and increasing screen time, it is more important than ever to prioritize children literacy rates and the importance of books, by giving children and their parents the tools they need.

TVHC, in partnership with Hayward Promise Neighborhood, 4Cs of Alameda County, and the Hayward Public Library, hosted a mobile library on Tuesday, January 4th at the TVHC Firehouse Clinic.

TVHC is working with the mobile library Curbie, to push literacy in the community and aims to get children signed up for library cards and provide them with free books to read while also educating through interactive games and quizzes — teaching them the importance of vaccines, personal hygiene, and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Curbie program is a part of a larger effort by TVHC to push for increased community education and literacy. Through the Promotores with Curbie, families are provided information about the clinic including COVID vaccines for kids and parents, helping new patients sign up for health insurance through Covered CA, capturing eligibility for Family Support Services, and referring unsheltered families to housing resources.

“We need to vaccinate children five and older now, so when kids come here to play the game setup, we try to teach them about the vaccine,” says Carolina Arroyo Solveson, Community Empowerment Liaison. “We try to teach them, in a fun and interactive way that helps them understand why the vaccine is important.”

Carolina says that through educating children on the vaccine, she hopes to not make them afraid of it and instead familiarize themselves with it.

“This is a great thing to have,” says Carolina. “We are able to screen families for services while giving kids the opportunity to get books while they are here, so they don’t have to go to the library, which is usually very far away.”

The Curbie mobile library will make several stops throughout Hayward in 2022 and will continue to work with TVHC at our Firehouse and Silva clinics.

TVHC Increases Breast Cancer Screening During Pandemic

TVHC Increases Breast Cancer Screening Numbers

Photo from 2019 Mammo Van event at the TVHC Mission Blvd. site in Hayward.

October 28, 2021

This year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month coincides with Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center (TVHC) making great strides towards increasing the screening rate among women in communities who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.


Despite the pandemic bringing on a dramatically low breast cancer screening rate, both locally and nationwide,  TVHC has steadily increased its screening rate over the past year  to 40 percent, with the goal of reaching an 80 percent screening rate in the near future.


“With mammograms, we’ve been talking to women and encouraging them to get it,” says Suzanne Seger, Assistant Director to OBGYN. “Particularly after they get vaccinated, that’s why with phone consults or in-person consults, it’s been easy to keep our eye on that issue.”


TVHC has been proactive in referring women to get screened — with the Adult Medicine and Women’s Health providers helping cultivate trust within women in the community, reaching out for follow-ups and referrals, and stressing the importance of not missing the screening.  


TVHC is also seeking to further streamline the process of ensuring patients’ on-time checkups through developing a specialized dashboard to be implemented through the Well app, where patients can find out what healthcare items they’re due for — centralizing the process and automating patients’ data. 


In early 2022, TVHC also has plans to bring back the Mammo Van. This mobile mammography exam room had previously screened over 250 women in 2019 but was unfortunately temporarily halted due to the pandemic. 


The Mammo Van provides much faster service to patients, taking only 10-15 minutes compared to a stand-alone appointment which takes up to an hour. It also helps those without transportation get screened without having to leave their neighborhood.


TVHC is expecting to further increase screening rates in 2022 with the implementation of its; Every Woman Counts site, made possible by a statewide fund that covers cervical and breast cancer screenings for patients at no cost.


“TVHC is about healthcare access and equity,” says Seger. “We know that women in our own community are more likely to have a worse outcome from breast cancer and anything that we can do as providers to spotlight and encourage women to get mammograms is going to help with access and equity.”  


Stay tuned for more updates on TVHC’s efforts to increase Breast Cancer Screening.

TVHC Increases Vaccine Access in Schools

TVHC Increases COVID Vaccine Access in Schools

August 25, 2021

As students began making their way back into the classroom this month, TVHC is increasing access to COVID vaccines to parents and students.

On Thursday, August 19th, TVHC hosted a pop-up COVID vaccine clinic at the San Lorenzo Unified School District office with extended hours from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm, making it easier for community members to get vaccinated after work.

This event is part of a much larger strategy of getting COVID vaccination clinics in schools. Since June, TVHC has been hosting pop-up clinics at Cesar Chavez Middle School, James Logan High School, and Chabot College, helping to  increase access to the vaccine at a time when it is most needed. 

Back in 2020, classrooms went virtual, campuses were closed, and students missed out on activities with their fellow classmates, including school sports. With the COVID vaccines, this year, most schools have fully re-opened with in-person learning helping students get a bit of normalcy back into their lives and TVHC is doing its part to help keep students safe with its on campus COVID vaccination clinics.

Back in July, the TVHC vaccination clinic at Chabot College was able to fully vaccinate the school’s football team just in time to start the 2020- 2021 season. TVHC has been hosting the COVID vaccination clinic at Chabot College since June of this year and will continue to host the clinic every week on Mondays and Tuesdays, where students can get vaccinated in between classes for free.

TVHC has two other  on campus pop-up vaccination clinics planned for September  15th at James Logan High School and September 22nd at Ltliong-Vera Cruz Middle School in Union City. Both of these clinics will be open to the public.

Stay tuned for more TVHC updates.


Governor Newsom Visits TVHC

TVHC COVID-19 Updates

Governor Gavin Newsom Visits
TVHC Union City Vaccination Site

 April 21, 2021 

On Thursday, April 15, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom visited the TVHC Union City COVID vaccination site at Our Lady of the Rosary Church for a tour with CEO Andrea Schwab-Galindo.

During the tour, Governor Newsom discussed vaccine equity with Andrea and chatted with patients before giving a press conference announcing California’s new COVID vaccine guidelines.

“There is a lot of focus on the mass vaccinations sites, but the backbone of our vaccine delivery system is community clinics like this,” said Governor Newsom during the press conference.

Since January 2021, TVHC has opened vaccination clinics in Union City, Hayward, and San Leandro, and as of this week, has passed the 48,000 mark for COVID vaccinations. A large feat for a small community health center.

TVHC established the vaccine site located at Our Lady of the Rosary Church back in early March in partnership with the Alameda County Fire Department, the Hayward Fire 

Department, and the City of Union City. TVHC made the move to Our Lady of the Rosary to help accommodate the large number of patients and community members signing up to be vaccinated.

“We can create these partnerships and form leadership in our community because we know our community best, and they trust us,” said TVHC CEO Andrea Schwab-Galindo. “Community health centers can do both volume and equity.”


This past year has been significantly challenging for our patients and community members, who the pandemic has disproportionately impacted.  TVHC is grateful for Governor Newsom’s visit and for recognizing the critical role that health centers play in addressing inequities and improving access to care for our community’s most vulnerable populations.

With the investment made by the state and county, TVHC will continue to work hard and use these resources to protect the health and wellness of our community, making sure to achieve both volume and equity during these uncertain times.

The call for equity and social justice has been at the forefront of the pandemic, a call that community health centers have answered and acted upon for decades and will continue to respond to with urgency and culturally competent care.

“Community health centers can respond rapidly to the ever-evolving systems that don’t always include the people that need it the most,” said Andrea. “We are resilient.”

To watch the entire press conference from Governor Gavin Newsom’s visit, please click the video below.

TVHC Vaccine Update

TVHC COVID-19 Updates

TVHC Administers 25,000 Vaccines in
First 60 Days of COVID Vaccine Clinic

 March 17, 2021 

Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center (TVHC) has administered 25,000 COVID vaccinations since January 18, 2021, a large feat for a community health center where the majority of its patients live in COVID-19 hot spots.

Over 70% of the weekly 4,300 doses are being administered to patients and community members who belong to ethnic minority groups that have been most affected by the pandemic.

“Through our partnerships, like the one we have with the Hayward Fire Department, we have been able to reach the most vulnerable in the communities where they reside,” said TVHC CEO Andrea Schwab-Galindo.

TVHC uses a variety of methods to reach its patients, most who are living at or below the poverty line, are underinsured or uninsured, are non-English speaking, or are experiencing homelessness.

Since March 8th, TVHC Promotoras, a group of health educator volunteers, have reached over 850 families, going door-to-door, rain or shine, making sure patients and community members have access to the COVID vaccine.

“We have noticed that many people are having a hard time making appointments because of limited understanding of English, and use of the internet,” reported TVHC Community Empowerment Liason, Carolina Arroyo-Solveson.

From calling and texting patients who are eligible to receive the vaccine, answering questions and debunking myths, to partnering with fellow trusted community organizations, TVHC is doing the work to close the health disparity gap.

Not only is TVHC doing the extra outreach to help get high risk groups vaccinated, it is also simplifying the process.

“We are currently working on a rollout of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine and bringing it to our unsheltered community,” reported TVHC Chief Operation Executive, Caleb Sandford. “Getting vaccinated against this deadly disease should be easy. We’re making it easy.”

TVHC COVID vaccine clinic in San Leandro.
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