To schedule an appointment please call or text (510)471-5880

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Becoming a Patient

Call or text (510) 471-5880

Making An Appointment

Call or text (510) 471-5880

Canceling an Appointment (voicemail box)

Call (510) 690-6053

Sign Up For Health Insurance (including Medi-Cal and Medicare)

Call or text (510) 288-3505 or e-mail

Cost of Services or Questions About Your Account

Call (510) 471-5907

Dental Services

Call (510) 471-5907

Speak to a Nurse

Call (510)471-5907

The nurse advice line is for CURRENT PATIENTS ONLY.
We are not able to assist new patients on this line until they have been enrolled in our system. If you are having a psychiatric or medical emergency CALL 911 or go the nearest hospital.

After Hours Services

For life-threatening emergencies after 5pm, please call 9-1-1.

For all other urgent medical needs, please call (510)471-5880.

If you have a question not covered by one of the above choices, please call our Operator at (510) 471-5907

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