Welcome to TVHC


By choosing TVHC as your new care home, you will now have access to all the great programs and services we provide including medical, dental, vision, podiatry, mental health services, family support services, and much more!

We understand that switching providers can feel overwhelming or confusing, however, we at TVHC are here to answer any questions you may have.

What to expect during the transition . . .

Dr. Massen and his staff will continue to work in the Hesperian Blvd clinic after the transition, to ensure you continue to receive the same great care you’ve come to expect.

You can also expect to feel supported in transferring your insurance, making an appointment, and any questions you have to be answered.


TVHC accepts most health insurances including Alameda Alliance for Health, Medi-Calmany private insurances, and the HealthPAC program. Patients with these insurances can continue their care at the clinic without interruption. 

To verify if your insurance is accepted at TVHC, please email eligibility@tvhc.org or call (510)288-3505

If you have Medi-Cal insurance through Alameda Alliance, you will be automatically assigned to TVHC for your convenience. 

Requesting Medical Records

If you would like to continue to receive care at the clinic after February 1st, 2022, please click here to complete the Release of Information form, so we can transfer your medical records to TVHC.

You may return the form to the clinic, or scan and email to massen@tvhc.org

If you would like a copy of your Medical Record now, or in the future, for any other reason, please contact Clary Document Management, Inc. by using any of the following options: 

  1. Send an email to info@clarydm.com
  2. Visit www.medicalrecordcustodian.com/massen to complete and submit the online form.
  3. Call (763)-548-1320 to request your records by phone. 

Scheduling Your Next Appointment With TVHC

Call (510)783-0536

About TVHC

Since 1971, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center has provided medical, dental, mental health care, youth health services, family support services, and WIC nutrition services to patients and community members of Alameda County. 

TVHC is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of all community members, ensuring health care as a human right through quality service, advocacy, and community empowerment.  

By continuing your care with TVHC, you will now have access to all TVHC services and programs motioned above, as well as optometry, podiatry, women’s health, and much more. 

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