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TVHC’s Care Transformation Pilots Go-Live!

TVHC’s Care Transformation Pilots are underway in the Hayward Pediatrics and Union City Adult Medicine departments.

This new care model places a strong emphasis on enhancing access, quality, and continuity of care by combining the strengths of TVHC staff and models from leading healthcare systems.
Each patient treated by the pilot team has a dedicated Primary Care Provider (PCP), working in partnership with Medical Assistants, a Resource Specialist, and a Panel Specialist.

As we diligently work on refining and implementing our workflows, we’re delighted to report that the feedback we’ve received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive from both patients and staff.
One aspect that has garnered praise is the presence of our Resource Specialists, who are readily available to facilitate warm hand-offs and provide immediate support to patients in need of transportation, housing, or food assistance.

In addition, our dedicated Panel Specialists have been actively reaching out to patients on the panel who are overdue for essential health maintenance items or require clinical coordination of care.

For the next several weeks, our pilots will be focusing on increasing four areas: patient access, quality of care, and satisfaction of both patients and staff.

We are excited to be on this transformative journey to enhance care at TVHC! Stay tuned for more updates from our Care Transformation Pilots.

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