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TVHC Expands Optometry Services at Hayward Clinic

The Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center Hayward clinic now offers optometry services as part of its specialized care.

“Many of our patients have transportation barriers, and it is sometimes challenging to access optometry services at our clinics in other cities,” said Chief Integration Officer Dr. Sridevi Ponnala.

“This expansion will make it easier for patients being seen at the Hayward clinic to access these services. We serve many patients with diabetes, hypertension, and eye health is critical for this population.”

Optometry care covers vision screenings and eye exams, which can help identify health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure.


Preventable and treatable conditions related to eye and vision health can often go unnoticed because they may not have any symptoms. However, early detection through routine checks and screenings can make a significant difference in patient outcomes and overall healthcare costs.

By expanding optometry care into its Hayward clinic, TVHC can better provide its patients with comprehensive care services. 

TVHC is grateful for the support of its community partners and funders, without whom this addition to its whole-person care model would not have been possible!

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