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CPSP Expands Services for New Moms, Covers Cost to Certify Two Employees as Lactation Education Members

The Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) at TVHC is expanding support for its patients. The new project aims to visit with new mothers on the same day as their newborn’s first appointment with their pediatrician. This in-person follow-up care will ensure the new mom receives the resources and care needed while providing educational training sessions on topics including breastfeeding.

This new breastfeeding education for patients will be made possible by adding two current TVHC employees as Certified Lactation Education Members to the CPSP team. TVHC is covering the cost of the certification course for both staff members and compensating them for their time to attend the classes.

“It’s great that TVHC is encouraging and giving our staff the proper support to take the time to complete the courses,” says TVHC Women’s Health Manager Laura Lopez.

Adding two new certified members will give the CPSP team more tools to continue to train and educate patients.

Since 1987, TVHC has offered CPSP services such as psychosocial interventions, ongoing orientation care, plan development, nutrition, health education, housing support, food, financial support, and more.

Our CPSP team is in the process of implementing full-cycle support for their expecting mothers and new moms, expanding its current support assessments to provide comprehensive informational and educational support through the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Laura emphasized the importance of communication, empathy, and reassurance with both expecting women and new moms.

“During pregnancy, most of the women we see don’t have someone checking in with them, asking them how often they are eating or how important it is to walk and take time for yourself,” said Laura. “It’s important to make sure our patients are getting proper nutrition and explain to them that a lot of the things they are experiencing are normal.”

TVHC patients have access to many resources across various departments and provider teams, from behavioral health to nutrition or WIC services.

“CPSP here at TVHC is like a bridge,” says Laura. “We assist patients with appointments, consultations, and assessments — taking the time to determine what is next for them. We are a bridge that partners with different departments here.”

Laura says that the goal of CPSP is to improve the health outcome of pregnancies in low-income families and pregnant women.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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