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TVHC CEO Andrea Schwab-Galindo Encourages Graduating Seniors to Consider a Career  in Community Health

On Tuesday, May 26th, TVHC CEO Andrea Schwab-Galindo spoke to a room of captivated graduating seniors of the Hayward Biomedical Program, where she shared her Community Health Center journey and urged the graduates to consider a career with a Community Health Center.

“I hope you choose to stay and work in the community,” said Andrea. “You can make a difference, and plenty of opportunities are waiting for you at TVHC and other health centers.”

The four-year Biomedical Pathways Program gets high school students ready for a career in biomedical sciences, giving them a head start on a biomedical education, is recognized by the UC and CSU program, and creates a pipeline for local students into bioscience careers.

Students of the Hayward Biomedical Program graduation at Tennyson High School.

The program started by the Hayward Unified School District, Eden Area ROP, and the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, creates a diverse pool of future professionals working with underserved students, of which 92% are minorities.

“If you are curious and want to know more about a career in community health, I or other leaders at my organization will be happy to meet with you,” said Andrea in her closing remarks. “Today we celebrate you and your accomplishments. We are proud of you. Si se puede!”

It is no secret that Community Health Centers, Hospitals, and other healthcare institutions are currently facing a staffing shortage that may negatively affect the care they can provide to their community in the near future.

Healthcare career pipelines like the Biomedical Program in Tennyson and Hayward High Schools start recruiting students in middle school and are one of the critical components needed to make sure our community receives the care it needs.

However, more must be done to guarantee our communities have access to the care they need now and in the future.

TVHC and fellow Community Health Centers across California are currently advocating for Governor Gavin Newsom to use a portion of the state’s $97.5 billion surplus towards workforce development in health care.

California Community Health Centers are asking for $51 million to be included in the state’s budget for the California Department of Health Care Access to use for training, scholarship programs, and continuing education of health care professionals.

By including this much-needed funding for the state’s healthcare workforce, we can not only meet the staffing needs of Community Health Centers, but we can also make sure that students – including the 2022 graduating class of the Hayward Biomedical Pathways Program – will continue to be supported on their journey to providing care to the community.

Please click here to learn more about what TVHC and fellow California Community Health Centers are doing to increase our healthcare workforce.

To email the Governor and your Legislators urging them to include workforce funding in this year’s budget, please click here.

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