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TVHC Prepares to Open It’s 10th Clinic

TVHC is happy to announce that we will be opening our 10th health center, the TVHC Hesperian Clinic, on February 7th, 2022.

The new clinic will be located on Hesperian Blvd in Hayward, across the street from Kennedy Park and the Sky West Shopping Center.

The Hesperian Clinic will expand TVHC’s services to over 3,000 new patients, giving them access to medical services and other services not previously offered, including Dental, Optometry, Podiatry, Behavioral Health, Family Support Services, WIC, and Insurance Enrollment Support.

Despite the pandemic, our patients and community members still face the same health challenges that existed before. In many cases, the pandemic has exacerbated the health needs of our community, creating more demand for TVHC services.

With a new site for TVHC to provide care, the better we will meet the growing demand for our services.

A special thank you to Dr. Massen for wanting to ensure that his patients had continuity of care, and his staff a new organization to call home. These new team members will have the opportunity to advance in their careers while making a difference in their community.

To our TVHC Hesperian Clinic Workgroup, thank you, for working so hard in ensuring a smooth transition. The level of teamwork that was shown during this time was both extremely supportive and inspiring.


Thank you to everyone involved for all of your support as we continue to increase access to quality health care for our patients

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