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New Food Distribution Site at TVHC Ashland Clinic

TVHC is opening up a fourth site for its Food Distribution Program at the Ashland Clinic which is anticipating serving over 200 families every month.

“Food distributions at all our clinics are very important because they allow our patients and the community to establish trust with TVHC while connecting them with reliable information about COVID, preventive health services, and programs,” said TVHC Community Empowerment Liason, Carolina Arroyo-Solveson.

 Food insecurity has increased during the pandemic due to unemployment, interruption in food supply chains, and limited access to school nutrition programs due to school closures.

With the new Ashland Food Distribution site, and its other food distribution sites at the Mission Clinic, Union City Clinic, and Firehouse Clinics, TVHC is doing its best to make sure our community’s most vulnerable get the nutrition they need.

The TVHC Food Distributions also help to relieve financial stress since families can use their savings to pay essentials bills such as rent, water, and electricity.

But most importantly, our Food Distributions give access to nutritious food that is essential in preventing chronic illnesses that are all too common in families living under stress, in crisis, or lacking adequate resources.

“Being able to have access to nutritious food is a health equity issue that is often overlooked,” said Marketing and Advocacy Manager, Drea Chavez. “I am thrilled to hear that TVHC will be hosting Food Distributions in the Ashland area that has been underserved for far too long.”

 Each of TVHC’s main sites hosts the contactless food distribution once a month where patients and community members drive up to the food tent, open their trunks, and get a TVHC tote and box filled with fresh produce and pantry items.

 Last year the TVHC Food Distribution Program fed over 4,350 families and looks forward to providing food for more patients and community members in 2022!

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