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Healthy Weight Program Focuses on Long Term Health for TVHC Staff

The new year is here and with it comes a chance to reset our minds and body for a healthier lifestyle.

Even the smallest changes can have huge results when adopted as part of our everyday life. This is the main focus behind the TVHC Healthy Weight Program presented by Clinical Dietician Supervisor, Jennifer Houser.

For four weeks, TVHC staff are being treated to one-hour-long virtual sessions designed to promote healthy eating without focusing on restrictive dieting, and physical fitness without getting burned out at the gym.

“I really enjoy the Healthy Weight Program,” said Site Operations Manager, Edlyn Campos. “Jen explains healthy living in a way that doesn’t make you feel guilty about the food choices we make and instead focuses on guiding us to make better choices in the long term.”

The Healthy Weight Program is part of a larger plan to help build a culture of health among staff at TVHC. As health care professionals’ staff are often taking care of their patients during the day, and then going home to take care of their families with little time to care for themselves.

The Healthy Weight Program is one of many ways TVHC is aiming to increase focus on self-care and provide a time and space for staff to do so during the day. We look forward to providing more updates on TVHC’s culture of health among staff.

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