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2021: A Year In Review

Originally Posted in December 2021

From the approval of COVID vaccines to an unexpected visit from Governor Newsom, to receiving 2021 California Nonprofit of the Year, for a small health center serving our community’s most vulnerable, no one at TVHC could imagine what we would accomplish during such unprecedented times.

Below are a few of our stories that we feel highlight the value we were able to bring to our patients and community members in 2021.

JANUARY: TVHC Health Care Heroes Receive First Doses of COVID Vaccine
Our staff helped make history by being amongst the first in the Country to sign up for the COVID vaccine, with the purpose of saving the lives of their family and fellow community members. As we say at TVHC – “We take care of the people, who take care of our people!” To help make this possible, TVHC hosted a VIP event for our staff at our clinics to receive their COVID vaccine.

FEBRUARY: TVHC Vaccinates Over 12,000 People By the End of February 2021
After the CDC increases eligibility for the COVID vaccines for people ages 65+, TVHC opens three vaccination clinics where patients and community members can receive the vaccine for free. To date we have provided over 76,000 doses!

MARCH: TVHC Provides 150 Food Boxes to Patients and Community Members
TVHC hosts drive-up food distribution after the shelter-in-place is implemented at the county level. The rain did not stop our Community Outreach and Advocacy Team from providing 150 families with food boxes during a time when many people were out of work. TVHC has since added two more food distribution sites. All three sites host monthly food distributions serving over 100 families each time. To date, we have provided food boxes to over 4,350 families!

APRIL: Governor Gavin Newsom Visits TVHC to Announce Vax Day
TVHC gains the recognition of Governor Gavin Newsom for community COVID vaccination efforts. He chooses our Union City site as the stage for announcing that all Californians ages 16+ are now eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “The backbone of our vaccine delivery system is community clinics like Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center,” said Governor Newsom during the press conference. At the time of the Governor’s visit, TVHC had administered over 45,000 vaccinations.

MAY: Contact Tracing Team Surpasses 5,000 Traces and Contacts
TVHC’s Case Investigation/Contact Tracing Team was one of the first community-based organizations to start a multi-lingual contact-tracing investigation program for COVID-19 positive cases in 2020. TVHC has provided isolation and quarantine guidance and financial resources to over 7,000 cases and contacts to date.

JUNE: TVHC is California Nonprofit of the Year
“Our community health centers have been at the front line of this pandemic and Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center has been a mighty soldier. They are taking care of the people that need it most, the uninsured, the marginalized, our children, our elderly. I can’t thank them enough for all the tremendous work they have done and are continuing to do to ensure we emerge from this pandemic the best and safest way possible. I am proud to have Tiburcio Vazquez Health Center in my district, and even more proud to have them as my 2021 Non-Profit of the year,” Assemblymember Bill Quirk.

JULY: TVHC Recognized As High Achiever by CDPH for Flu Vaccination Efforts
According to California Department of Public Health data, TVHC had a 30% increase in adult flu immunizationsfrom 2019 to 2020! During 2020, influenza and COVID-19 were circulating simultaneously, meaning it was exponentially more important for people to get their flu shot during this time as the COVID vaccines were not yet available, as both viruses attack the lungs.

AUGUST: TVHC Launches Care Cubbies at Three Main Clinics
The TVHC Social Determinants of Health Committee launched the Care Cubby after staff noticed several patients were in need of baby supplies. TVHC donors and staff donated diapers, wipes, formula, and gently used baby and maternity clothes. Now, the Care Cubbies stay stocked with donations from staff and community members, with patients being free to take the supplies they need.

SEPTEMBER: TVHC Joins Fight Against Human Trafficking
This new initiative was implemented after data showed that many victims of human trafficking are patients of community clinics, but many providers and staff are unaware of how to identify or help these vulnerable people. By partnering with Ruby’s Place and SHADE for trainings and advocacy work, we aim to identify and support victims of human trafficking while connecting them to the resources they need to escape and become survivors.

OCTOBER: TVHC Breast Cancer Screening Rates Increase During Pandemic
While breast cancer screening around the country dropped dramatically during the pandemic, TVHC reports a steady increase in screening. As we have seen in other areas, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to delayed diagnoses, poor health consequences, and an increase in cancer disparities among women already experiencing health inequities.

NOVEMBER: TVHC Increases Diabetes Care Numbers Throughout 2021
TVHC continuously improved its a1c control numbers (the main way to track the quality of our Diabetes care) — from 55% to 58.4% despite the pandemic, a huge feat! At TVHC, we offer a Care Signal Program, Diabetes Group Medical Visits, and Nutritional Support for patients with Diabetes.

DECEMBER: Tiburcio Lights the Way into 2022
As 2021 comes to a close, TVHC staff helped light the way into the new year with Tiburio Lights the Way. A week-long celebration filled with daily themes and raffles that was established last year as a way to celebrate our Annual Holiday Party without having to gather in person. Although staff enjoyed the Virtual Summer Fiesta, Tiburcio Gives Thanks, and Tiburcio Lights the Way, we all can’t wait to be able to celebrate our TVHC events in person!

Thank you to our community partners who have stood by us and our patients, helping us increase access to care during a time when it was needed the most.

We look forward to another successful year of serving our patients and community members.

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