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TVHC COVID-19 Updates

Governor Gavin Newsom Visits
TVHC Union City Vaccination Site

 April 21, 2021 

On Thursday, April 15, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom visited the TVHC Union City COVID vaccination site at Our Lady of the Rosary Church for a tour with CEO Andrea Schwab-Galindo.

During the tour, Governor Newsom discussed vaccine equity with Andrea and chatted with patients before giving a press conference announcing California’s new COVID vaccine guidelines.

“There is a lot of focus on the mass vaccinations sites, but the backbone of our vaccine delivery system is community clinics like this,” said Governor Newsom during the press conference.

Since January 2021, TVHC has opened vaccination clinics in Union City, Hayward, and San Leandro, and as of this week, has passed the 48,000 mark for COVID vaccinations. A large feat for a small community health center.

TVHC established the vaccine site located at Our Lady of the Rosary Church back in early March in partnership with the Alameda County Fire Department, the Hayward Fire 

Department, and the City of Union City. TVHC made the move to Our Lady of the Rosary to help accommodate the large number of patients and community members signing up to be vaccinated.

“We can create these partnerships and form leadership in our community because we know our community best, and they trust us,” said TVHC CEO Andrea Schwab-Galindo. “Community health centers can do both volume and equity.”


This past year has been significantly challenging for our patients and community members, who the pandemic has disproportionately impacted.  TVHC is grateful for Governor Newsom’s visit and for recognizing the critical role that health centers play in addressing inequities and improving access to care for our community’s most vulnerable populations.

With the investment made by the state and county, TVHC will continue to work hard and use these resources to protect the health and wellness of our community, making sure to achieve both volume and equity during these uncertain times.

The call for equity and social justice has been at the forefront of the pandemic, a call that community health centers have answered and acted upon for decades and will continue to respond to with urgency and culturally competent care.

“Community health centers can respond rapidly to the ever-evolving systems that don’t always include the people that need it the most,” said Andrea. “We are resilient.”

To watch the entire press conference from Governor Gavin Newsom’s visit, please click the video below.

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